When the British soldiers in the 1860´s stormed the Chinese emperor’s summer palace they were meet by five small dogs who bravely defended their owners – the widow empress – dead body.

The imperial family had fled but the widowed empress was back with her dogs, she committed suicide when the palace was stormed.

The dogs looked nothing like the soldiers had seen before and they came to England, one ended up with the Queen Victoria.

Here was the reason for our day Pekingese grounded.

In the 1970´s, Pekingese its great times in Denmark, at that time they were one of the most popular company breeds.

Today Pekingese are as in 1860´s a very exclusive breed. In Denmark there are few, but very talented breeders – these can be contacted through The Danish Kennel Klub. (DKK)

If you want a healthy and mental functioning Pekingese is important to ensure that it has a pedigree from DKK. There are not many puppies available in DKK, but there are sometimes puppies. Even puppies that do not all have become exhibition champions, puppies which can live a full life without being “set up” for the exhibition, puppies that will be wonderful family dogs for a great many years.

Petalla Luxation (PL) heart failure, etc. are defects which is not something a breeder in DKK are having in their breeding stock, they are actually do a lot to avoid it.

The Chinese Emperors were breeding Pekingese. They appreciated it so much that it had they were breast feed by humans and had their own palaces. Let us in this century take a lot of care in preserving these purebred individuals that still remains. Let us take care of these wonderful dogs, let’s spread the knowlegde of them so that they will continue to have a story also in 2160th.