The pekingese is a delightful companion. Whether it is a small apartment in Copenhagen or a country house then Pekingese are feeling good about it, as long as its has his family around him.

It requires no huge work to hold a Pekingese in fine shape. The food must be good and valuable as they do not eating much. They have to be brushed every 2 weeks, and every day while it’s puppy and the times of year when they sheds fur.

A Pekingese sheds fur so enjoyable. No stinging hairs in one’s toes and so easy to vacuum up.

A Pekingese tolerates without any problems being alone while its people are at work – but they seems not to be left behind more than this one time. So if you are single with a job and own a Pekingese, you must be prepared to be with it when you have free because Pekingese are very social and are happy be with you in the city. It fits in a bicycle basket, it can sit in a bag and take with bus & train. And love in general travel with you in car.

A Pekingese does not walk for hours – but if you do, then buy a pet stroller and take the dog with you.

A Pekingese thrive as single dog ​​and in groups. They are very fond of cats. Children are no obstacles if the child has learn how to behave in front of a dog and have respect for the dog.