Kisci My Red Mustang

HC Andersen Juniorvinder 2017 HC Andersen Vinder 2017 Kisci Red Mustang

New girl 2017, lovely mind, good social skills. My very special soulmate. Thank you to Kennel Kisci for letting this life-piece live here.



Kisci Uptown Girl

Uptown Girl is my very special girl because none are as aware of their own needs as her. She only does things if she can see the point with it.
She is the princess. She is such a happy girl. My cutie pie and the baby of the house, despite she long since have grown up. She is mine like no other. She is absolutely stunning in every way.
She is a true caretaker, who tells of the wake up alarm if it is not turned off. She is my comfort troll – A hedonist unparalleled.

Thanks to Kennel Kisci for my beautiful and so very special girl.