Behind Joyful treasure’s are Rikke Jensen, whom has a beating heart for Pekingese.

The dream of a kennel, dog shows at home and abroad as well as having litters has long been existing.

In 2011 we moved from Copenhagen and now lives in an old house with a wood stove and a lovely garden in the country

Before it came to this point, I took some courses in DKK:

DKK education:
Breeder education – with superstructure and approved kennel visit  
Basic and behavioral course
Knowledge of the breeds 
Dogskeeper education
Reproduction /Birgitte sjøth
Course: color Genetics
Breeding and Births
The mentally of showing
Socialization 0-12 weeks
Do and dont – in being a bredder
Vaccination and tittertest
Breeder night – fertility issues w/ Kathrine Thejll Kirchhoff, DVM, Cert. SAD
Diplomate European College of Animal Reproduction (ECAR)
Anatomi v/ Juha Kares
Back to Basic v/ Juha Kares
The bitches pregnacy v/ Juha Kares
Course in eyediseases with Tommy Hardon
and a general interest in dogs for many years :
Dog Massage v/ Lone Fabricius Jørgensen The Touch
puppy’s first fourth months Karen Frost hund & træning
“dogs teeth” with Jens Ruhnau, tanddyreklinikken
“first aid for dogs” – with kreds 3dkk
“man in the parental role for the dog – or why leadership idea is obsolete” with Karen Frost
” Understand your dog ” with Irene Jarnved
“Throw the leadership out ” with Karen Frost
“Breeders rights and wrongs” with DKK
“The competent dog owner” with Rie Ravn
Juha Kares breeder seminar with Agria
Seminar with Camilla Heinze, vet and dental hygienist from Copenhagen University. Agrea breeder club

Nosework introcourse at Bagsværd Hundeskole
Pat Hastings Seminar, Denmark 2018
Seminar v/ Nina Diers Ølby Dyrehospital
Become a better dogowner v/ Gitte Westen Breaum
Teach your dog selfcontrol v/ Irene Jarnved

Pat Hastings seminar 2020